Novel Ecosystems IGERT Competitive Innovation Incentive Fund


We are pleased to announce the Novel Ecosystems IGERT Competitive Innovation Incentive Fund call for research proposals. This is a small grant competition to aid in research and training for IGERT students. The Competitive Innovation Incentive Fund provides modest, proposal-based funding for student research or training, in addition to advancing proposal-writing skills, fostering collaboration, and supporting excellent projects. 


Applicant Eligibility


All IGERT participants are eligible and may be on more than one proposal / award, but each team must include at least one trainee (NSF requirement).


Project Eligibility


All projects must be team-based (two or more participants). Special consideration will be given to interdisciplinary proposals that bring together IGERT participants from multiple departments or disciplines. Projects are expected to have a clear expected outcome such as a manuscript, conference presentation, or workshop with practitioners. The funds may be used to initiate a new project or further an existing project. Funds can be used to either conduct research (i.e., purchase datasets, travel for fieldwork, pay student hourlies), pay for collaborative meetings (e.g., rent a retreat center for a workshop), present results (i.e., conference travel or page charges), or organize workshops or training opportunities for the IGERT community. Funds cannot be used for purchases that are not project specific (such as computers, equipment, software, or books), or to pay salaries (other than for student hourlies). If in doubt, please ask.


Examples of potential projects include (but are not limited to):

• New analysis of existing data to examine them in a different light

• Travel for collaborative fieldwork to add a novel component to existing research

• Organizing a working group to write a review paper

• Convene a workshop to provide training on a topic of broad appeal to the IGERT community


Review criteria will include

- Scientific merit

- Potential application and broader impact

- Depth of collaboration

- Readiness (shovel-ready preferred)

- Realism (since grants are minor)

-Value to the IGERT community


Process for Application

Please submit a proposal comprised of the following components in this order:

1. Cover page including title, project team, and type of project (research or workshop)

2. Project description (not to exceed 1000 words):

a.) For research projects: Proposal narrative including research question, approach, anticipated results, expected output, and significance of the proposed research

b.) For workshops: Description of the workshop, anticipated presenters or leaders, and value to the IGERT community

3. References

4. Budget

5. Timeline

6. CV for each of the project team members


Application submission and deadline


Please submit applications by email to Shelley Maxted and Volker Radeloff 


Review and Award Process


• Applications will be reviewed by a selection panel comprised of IGERT participants.

• We will contact the faculty advisors of all participants to confirm advisor support for the proposed work.

• Grant funds should be expended within one year.

• Recipients of grants for research must submit a 1-page report at the end of the year (if the product is a publication, the paper or submitted draft will suffice)

• Grant recipients will be asked to serve on the review panel for the following year.